A Helpful Guide To R&D Singapore

Research and development are the two key elements of all commercial projects. Without the presence of these two factors, a project would be incomplete. Marketing is a highly competitive platform and you have to ensure that you find the correct partners who can find your research. The R&D Singapore programme offers various opportunities to find suitable partners that can find your research and provide assistance with the same. They will help you find partners who possess professional technical skills and knowledge that can be very useful in your research.


  • The foundation will facilitate your industrial research project work services such as research funding, finding a partner, application process, and guidelines and templates that will help you achieve successful commercialisation.
  • It will give you an insight into the functioning of research funding and the different types of research schemes and grants. It will help you find a partner for your industrial research.
  • It will help you figure out the criteria required to fill the research application and what are the things required to fill the same.

They also offer you research templates to help you with the project’s progress.

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