Types of cyber-attacks and how they can be handled



Apart from knowing IT security singapore or solution, it is also very important to understand more about cyberattacks. Knowing the types of cyberattacks and how they happen will help you know how you can handle the situation in case you face one. Here are the most common types of cyberattacks


This is the first type of cyberattack that your business or company may encounter. Malware comprises several other attacks. They include worms, spyware, and viruses. Malware can be used to breach a company or a network when a user clicks on a dangerous link. The link can even be an email attachment. Malware can access important information of a network, it can retrieve data from a hard drive, and can even disrupt the system. Malware has become very common that there is a variety of them out there.


This is the second common type of attack that your company may face. Phishing has become very common these days. Phishing includes sending emails that are fraudulent to users who do not suspect anything. When you open the email, that will be over for your network. Do not open links anyhow.