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Eats365’s Self-order Solutions automate the ordering process in order to increase turnover and lower costs. Mobile Ordering as well as Self-Serve Kiosks are currently available. Both of these solutions enable Singaporeans to position their own orders without the need for a staff member to assist them. With Singapore’s labour costs that, there’s never been a better time to implement an efficient self-serve model and give your customers control – particularly if you operate a quick-serve restaurant.

More Insights:

  • Customers nowadays expect to be able to use their smartphones, tablets, and iPads for everything, as Kiosk Singapore allows them to, why not allow them to use their smartphones and mobile devices to position orders through an E-menu? Mobile ordering eliminates the need for restaurants to invest in additional order-taking hardware while also lowering the number of employees required.
  • The QR code’s incredible features are included in the Mobile Ordering solution. Unlike conventional bar codes, QR codes can store a large amount of data that can be displayed to customers directly from their smartphones.


Change the details shown on your QR codes to ensure that you are still valid in Singapore. Update your menu frequently, for example, to stay on top of sales patterns revealed by your results. Customers would be more engaged with your company if you provide discounts on popular products. Your customers can position orders and pay with their mobile phones thanks to support for global electronic payments and mobile wallets. This effective system not only makes a good impact on consumers and eliminates the need for a cash register, but it also increases turnover and decreases employee costs.

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