Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Creating A Virtual AGM Webcast For Your Next Annual General Meeting

The second major step forward in making the Virtual AGM possible is the creation of a virtual AGM board, which will be comprised of the twenty members of the Transition Commission and the twenty-two community representatives elected during the presidential campaign process. These twenty-two community representatives are all elected by the voters at the polls and serve at their pleasure.

There is a loophole in the law that allows for the presence and non-vote of some candidates, but not all, and that is what the virtual AGM board will use to enact policies and rules that mirror those recommended by the transition team, under the supervision and control of the president. This means that virtual AGMs can occur in real time over the Internet rather than on paper.

When the process of creating the first virtual AGM started, there were a lot of problems with the voting and the inclusion of candidates who might not be appropriate for the job. Now, however, it has been streamlined even further, and the inclusion of all three of the commission members was made mandatory for all future virtual AGM Webcasts.

Even now, when it comes to AGM Voting on proposals for the next AGM, all members present remotely can participate, as long as they have voted in the previous election. It is anticipated that in the near future all members present in office will be able to attend and participate in the meetings, so that this would represent the first step in making the virtual AGM possible.

However, if each of the commission members were to refuse to take part in the meetings, then that twenty-eight full board would need to be recalled and a new election held for each member would need to take place, as was already done in the past.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then consider having your official AGM Webcast recorded for later distribution to the members and viewers of the World Wide Web.

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